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Joan Pursley Mayer began this book as a memoir for her family. As the project stretched over several years and began to encompass more and more family stories to accompany her genealogy research she was encouraged to think about publishing for a wider audience.

Not only will family members find it fascinating but she delves deeply into fox hunting at the historic Iroquois Hunt Club, historic homes in Clark County, Kentucky and the remarkable lives of her late parents Fauntleroy and Charlotte Pursley. The Pursleys were leaders in both their community, the Hunt Club and their extended families.

Even for readers not familiar with the area or the family, the book examines a time long gone. When neighbors helped neighbors and one was able to ride a horse through miles of undeveloped countryside.

Early families in Kentucky came for the land and Joan Mayer’s family stayed because of the land. Family members built her house as a log dogtrot cabin in the late 18th century and have lived and renovated it to become the historic home she still lives in today.

So, settle back for a trip that takes the reader from early homes in Virginia to the settlers that came to Kentucky and on to her own remarkable life in 21st Century Kentucky.


Joan Mayer

Joan Mayer


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